On-Camera Performance Coaching Sessions

In my on-camera coaching work, I quickly identify common and correctable habits like:

  • Delivery pacing issues
  • Pitch problems
  • Unconfident posture
  • Distracting body movements
  • Nervousness expressed in various ways
  • Overuse of crutch words and phrases

I can help you with easy adjustments to these universal issues with my confidence-boosting approach to on-camera performance that’s tailored uniquely to you.

I’ve guided performers in building videos for their websites as well as executives preparing for on-camera interviews and presentations at organizations like Vision Service Plan and the California Highway Patrol. I can direct you in enhancing your performance on camera with consultation on your performance setting as well. Backdrop, lighting, and camera placement make all the difference. Let me help you show your best self, online!

How it Works

The best way for me to assess on-camera performance is to watch clients performing on-camera. This can be done through Zoom, watching a video you provide, or live in the room with you. I work with clients in one-on-one sessions and with groups in more extensive corporate settings.

Who I Work With

  • Executives leading meetings through Zoom and other platforms
  • Business owners shooting videos for websites and social media
  • YouTube and Instagram influencers
  • Professionals preparing for TV interviews
  • Television News/Sports/Entertainment reporters building resume reels
  • Graduating seniors preparing for job interviews through Zoom
  • Anyone wanting to improve their on-camera performance!

Client needs vary, and I am happy to speak with you directly to find the best session structure and costs that match your goals. Fill out the form on the contact page so we can connect. I look forward to working with you! Hire me .